Compressed Air Systems

Parts Prior to 10-2015

Parts Prior to 10-2015

10-14 HP Compressor Generator Combinations

For Products Built After 10-1-2015
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10-14 HP Compressor/Generator Combinations

Item Number Parts Description Part Number
A Automatic Tank Drain IAT-WV1
B Pressure Gauge IAT-PSB20
C Pilot Pressure Control Valve RCB-MHU160/175
D Pneumatic Control Valve TCSP-H-113B HONDA, TCXLI-CH440 KOHLER, TCSA-KD420 DIESEL
E Drive Engine GX390 HONDA, CH440 KOHLER, KD420 DIESEL
F Motor Pulley Hub LPH1
G Motor Pulley LP2B3.95 GAS
H Belts H. IAT-B84
I Generator Assembly Drive Hub IAT-SH24
J Generator Assembly Drive Pulley IAT-2B40
K Generator Assembly IAT-ER25CT52
L Generator Assembly Drive Belt IAT-B37
M Belt guard After Cooler IAT-15AL
N Discharge Safety Valve IAT-ST25-250
O Compressor Pump Air Filter IAT-14
P Compressor Pump IAT-CA1U
Q Belt Guard IAT-BG40X24X6
R Inner Cooler Satety Valve IAT-ST25-70
S Battery Box IAT-BATBOX
U Check Valve IAT-CTB34X34
V Tank IAT-300562
W Tank Safety Valve IAT-ST25-200
Note: Basic package units do not include parts A,M,S,T
Part numbers subject to change/update always consult factory prior to ordering.