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15 HP Open RS NK 80 Gallon Vertical Parts

Item Number Parts Descriptions 15 HP 3 Phase 208-230 15 HP 3 Phase 460-480
1 80 gallon vertical tank IAT-300559 IAT-300559
2 Tank discharge fitting IAT-PF2X3/4 IAT-PF2X3/4
3 Discharge ball valve IAT-716116 IAT-716116
4 ¼ pipe cross IAT-PF1/4CROSS IAT-PF1/4CROSS
5 ¼ pipe street 90 elbow IAT-PF1/4STR90 IAT-PF1/4STR90
6 High pressure limit switch IAT-LF101-H3 IAT-LF101-H3
7 Secondary oil temperature switch IAT-20TE2504-2 IAT-20TE2504-2
8 Oil cooling line IAT-SS1/2X36 IAT-SS1/2X36
9 Oil drain ball valve IAT-BALLVALVE3/8 IAT-BALLVALVE3/8
10 Oil fill cap IAT-R-15100 IAT-R-15100
11 Airend drive pulley IAT-2V5.30 IAT-2V5.30
12 Airend oil filter IAT-R-9206 IAT-R-9206
13 Oil cooling line fitting IAT-2404-08-08 IAT-2404-08-08
14 Oil cooling line IAT-SS1/2X36 IAT-SS1/2X36
15 Airend air filter element IAT-R-9213 IAT-R-9213
16 Airend sump safety valve IAT-ST25-200 IAT-ST25-200
17 Airend separator IAT-R-12476 IAT-R-12476
18 High air temperature switch IAT-20TE2504-2 IAT-20TE2504-2
19 Airend air discharge fitting IAT-2501-08-12 IAT-2501-08-12
20 Air line (Airend to cooler) IAT-HYD1/2X24 IAT-HYD1/2X24
21 Compressor drive belt IAT-3VX560 IAT-3VX560
22 Belt guard IAT-BG5X18X32X10G IAT-BG5X18X32X10G
23 Air/Oil Cooler IAT-R-14366 IAT-R-14366
24 Electric drive motor IAT-EM2333T IAT-EM2333T
25 Compressor cooling fan IAT-026028D017 IAT-026028D017
26 Electric drive motor pulley IAT-2-3V8.00 IAT-2-3V8.00
27 Electrical control enclosure IAT-AB1086HCGK IAT-AB1086HCGK
28 Emergency stop button IAT-M22MDRP-R-K01 IAT-M22MDRP-R-K01
29 On/off switch IAT-M22M-WKV IAT-M22M-WKV
30 Load/Unload switch IAT-M22M-WKV IAT-M22M-WKV
31 Motor starter IAT-A30CRE45BA5E045 IAT-A30CRE45BA5E045
32 Smart contactor IAT-FL1EH12-RCC IAT-FL1EH12-RCC
35 Air line (cooler to tank) IAT-HYD1/2X36 IAT-HYD1/2X36
36 Operational pressure switch IAT-9013FHG42 IAT-9013FHG42
37 Temperature switch/gauge IAT-20TE2504 IAT-20TE2504
38 Tank pressure gauge IAT-PSL20 IAT-PSL20
39 Electric auto tank drain IAT-ET2523 IAT-ET2523
40 ¼ pipe nipple IAT-PF1/4NIP IAT-PF1/4NIP
Part numbers subject to change/update always consult factory prior to ordering.