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Duplex Compressors

Compressed Air Systems duplex compressors are the ultimate in electrical efficiency. Designed for redundancy and built to deliver twice the power in the same amount of space as a typical compressors. Easy to service, maintain and operate rotary screw and reciprocating models available.

Enclosed Industrial Rotary Screw

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CAS Enclosed Rotary Screw compressors provide the same build quality and components as our Open Frame Compressors. Wrapped in a sound attenuating enclosure, CAS Enclosed Compressors offer some of the lowest DBA levels in the industry.


Industrial Duty Electric Motor

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Industrial Duty Electric Motor Compressors

Designed to be used every day in automotive, dry cleaning, fabrication, machine shops and production facilities.

Industrial Duty Duplex Electric Motor Compressors

Industrial Duty Duplex compressors are the ultimate in electrical efficiency. A timed operating system controlled by a SMART contractor ensures a reliable and efficient compressor package. Built to deliver twice the power in the same amount of space, built in redundancy and additional air when needed, Our duplex rotary screw compressors are easy to service, maintain and operate.

Cube Industrial Electric

feature a modular design for greater flexibility in expansion, replacement or upgrades. Ideal for applications with space parameters or existing air storage.