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25 HP Gas Engine Driven Compressor

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CAS Industrial-duty gas and diesel compressors are designed for applications that require air on the go. Built for durability and reliability with features designed to make these compressors simpler to use and easier to maintain than any other compressor in this class. The engine is standard on the drivers side of the vehicle. The unloader is at your finger tips so you can unload the compressor before starting to increase solenoid and starter life. The transfer tube is protected by the receiver for safety.

With the capacity to run 1-inch impact wrenches along with any assortment of air tools, this is the compressor you need to get the job done.

25 HP Gas Engine Driven Compressor
  • Features
  • 50 cfm @ 175 psi
  • No Start-Up Kit Required
  • Optional 5-Year Pump Warranty
  • Access to compressor valves without compressor head removal
  • Alternator on drive engine
  • ASME tested powder coated steel tank
  • Bearings on both ends of the crank shaft
  • Centrifugal unloader
  • Critical controls protected by compressor base plate
  • Disk and spring valves
  • Drive engine on left side for safety
  • Fully enclosed belt guard
  • Full saddle mounting feet instead of pegged mounting feet
  • Heavy-duty air filter
  • Heavy-duty two-stage solid cast iron pump
  • Industrial-duty engine
  • Needle bearings, and inserts on rods
  • Pilot valve continuous operation
  • Stainless steel flex lines
  • Swedish steel valves
  • Torrington needle bearings
  • 2-groove B width drive pulley
  • Elite Model Features
  • Automatic tank drain
  • Belt guard aftercooler
  • On-board battery mounted and wired (No truck wiring needed)
  • Tank discharge ball valve
  • Vibration pads
  • Freight pre-paid in the 48 states & southern Canada
  • Options
  • Fuel tank
  • Deep cycle battery
  • Enclosure
Model Mount Tank Drive Engine Length Width Height Weight
C220GEH38 Tank 30 Gallon Horizontal Honda 54 32 49 600
C280GEC38-E Tank 30 Gallon Horizontal Kohler 54 32 49 600
BMC280GEC38-E Basemount 30 Gallon Kohler 54 32 32 650
Add E after model number to make Elite Model.
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