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5 HP Rotary Screw Cube

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The CAS Cube Air System is the simplest to purchase, own, and operate compressor in the world. The Cube Air System allows you to purchase a functioning compressor without having to purchase an air receiver. If the site already has a certified functional air receiver you simply install the Cube Air System next to the existing tank and connect the air discharge line. If the there is no existing tank or the existing tank is no longer certified or functional you can add a stand-alone tank to the system.

  • Features
  • 17 cfm @ 125 psi
  • 15 cfm @ 150 psi
  • Air/oil cooler
  • Analog easy to use controls
  • Industrial-duty electric drive motor
  • Heavy duty air filter
  • High air temperature sensor
  • High oil temperature sensor
  • High pressure sensor
  • Less than 3ppm oil carry over
  • Low tip speed on airend for long life
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 190 psi (Standard operating pressure 150 psi)
  • Minimal floor space foot print
  • Self tensioning drive belt system
  • Single solenoid operation
  • Spin on separator
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Vibration isolation pads
  • 10 minute timed shut down for electrical savings
  • 8000 hour full synthetic fluid
  • Package Options
  • Class 1 Division 2 drive motor
  • Coalescing filtration
  • Desiccant air dryer
  • Electronic automatic tank drain kit (shipped loose) Kit includes: ¼ pipe nipple street 90, ¼ pipe 6 inch nipple, drain
  • Enrollment in factory extended service program
  • Enrollment in factory extended warranty program
  • NEMA 4X controls
  • NEMA 7 controls
  • Particulate filtration
  • Quick install kit (5-15 HP) Includes 8ft electrical cord with plug, 6ft compressor to tank air line, JIC connection fittings, anchor mounting bolts
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • Soft start control starter
  • Sound dampening enclosure
  • TEFC drive motor
  • Variable frequency drive control
  • 30, 60, 80, 120 gallon, 200 psi MWP ASME, CRN tank
  • CRD Compressor Features
  • All basic features
  • Air receiver
  • Receiver gauge
  • Receiver manual tank drain
  • Receiver safety valve
  • Refrigerated air dryer
  • Vibration mounting pads
5 HP Rotary Screw Cube
Model HP Phase Voltage Length Width Height Weight Amp Draw 230 Volt Dryer cfm CRD Package Dryer Voltage CRD Package
RS51Q-EVO 5 1 208-230 28 30 40 345 24 25 115
RS53Q-EVO 5 3 208-230/460-480 28 30 40 345 16 25 115
Add -CRD after model number for CRD Package. All dimensions are in inches, weight is in pounds.
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