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Rotary Screw

Enclosed Engine Driven Compressor

35 cfm Enclosed Engine Driven Compressor

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Compressed Air Systems enclosed engine-driven rotary screw air compressors deliver extreme job-site power. Wrapped in a sound attenuating enclosure, CAS enclosed compressors combine the lowest dBA levels in the industry with highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity available. A great fit for any mission-critical application, the 100% duty cycle assures the compressor can not be overworked. Quality components, simple controls, easy maintenance and once a year oil changes make this a great solution for high-volume and high productivity environments.

  • Features
  • 35 cfm @ 100 psi
  • 30 cfm @ 150 psi
  • Industrial grade rotary screw airend
  • Industrial grade drive engine
  • Electric start drive engine
  • Engine idle control to meet air demand
  • High oil temperature shut down
  • High air temperature shut down
  • JIC quick connect air & oil lines
  • Low engine oil shutdown
  • Quick service compressor filters
  • Vibration mounting pads
  • 12 Volt compressor air & oil cooler pack*
  • Package Options
  • Battery for engine electric start
  • Cold weather heating package
  • Compressed air regulator control pack
  • Cover color change
  • Drive engine control extension
  • High ambient temperature cooling package
  • 6 or 12 gallon EPA, DOT rated fuel cells
  • 6 or 30 gallon air storage tank
35 cfm Enclosed Engine Driven Compressor
Model cfm @ 100 psi cfm @ 150 psi Drive Engine Auxilary Fuel Tank Required Length Width Height
RS130GEH-ENC 35 30 Honda No 40 20 26
RS130GEC-ENC 35 30 Kohler No 40 20 26
*Cooler pack to be mounted external to compressor system. 12 Volt Control voltage connection to be supplied by vehicle/equipment compressor is mounted to.
Dimensions are representatives of package dimensions not total space required for mounting
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