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125 cfm Gas/140 cfm Diesel Engine Driven Rotary Screw

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Compressed Air Systems engine-driven rotary screw air compressors deliver extreme job-site power with the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity available. A great fit for any mission-critical application, the 100% duty cycle assures the compressor can not be overworked. Quality components, simple controls, easy maintenance and once a year oil changes make this a great solution for high-volume and high productivity environments.

  • Features
  • Gas | 125 cfm @ 150 psi
  • Diesel | 140 cfm @ 150 psi
  • No Start-Up Kit Required
  • Optional 5-Year Pump Warranty
  • Airend manufactured with German rotary screw components
  • ASME Powder coated air receiver
  • Drive engine on left side for safety
  • Easy to read and access gauges
  • Easy to remove bolt on oil cooler for cleaning
  • Extended oil drain with ball valve for easy service
  • Factory filled with premium synthetic fluid
  • Fully enclosed belt guard
  • Full saddle mounting feet instead of pegged mounting feet
  • Heavy duty air filter
  • Industrial-duty drive engine
  • Omega profile rotors
  • Operating pressures from 100-190 psi available
  • Simplified operating controls, no complicated micro-processor
  • Single control solenoid operation
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Spin on separator
  • Elite Compressor Features
  • Air/oil cooler
  • Battery mounted and wired
  • SIMPLEX controls
  • Tank discharge ball valve
  • Vibration isolation pads
  • Freight pre-paid in the 48 states & southern Canada
125 cfm Gas/140 cfm Diesel Engine Driven Rotary Screw
Model HP Mount Tank Drive Engine Length Width Height
RS38GECBM 38 Base Mount N/A Kohler Gas 48 38 48
RS35GECBM 34 Base Mount N/A Kohler Diesel 50 42 48
Add -E after model number to make Elite Model. Unit does not come standard with fuel tank.
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