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Rotary Screw

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40 cfm Gas or Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor/Generator

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Rotary Screw Compressor/Generator Combos are an invaluable tool for any contractor or municipality. These self-contained systems units provide power and airflow for a variety of air tools and power tools, electrical lights and more. Built with long-lasting and efficient CAS Rotary Screw airends and driven by gasoline or diesel motors. Available with generators up to 55kW.

  • Features
  • 40 cfm @ 175 psi
  • 5500 Watt Generator
  • No Start-Up Kit Required
  • Optional 5-Year Pump Warranty
  • Air aftercooler for 15 degree approach temperature
  • Engine battery mounted and wired
  • Engine vibration isolation mounts
  • Fuel tank mounted
  • Heavy duty industrial rotary screw airend
  • Industrial grade generator
  • High strength reinforced steel frame
  • Spin on compressor oil filter
  • Spin on compressor separator
  • Tier 4 certified diesel drive engine
  • Vibration reduction compressor drive coupling
  • Options
  • Deep cycle marine grade battery
  • Enclosure
  • High ambient cooling package
  • Industrial grade gasoline drive engine
  • Industrial grade natural gas drive engine
  • Low ambient heating package
40 cfm Gas or Diesel Rotary Screw Compressor/Generator
Model HP Mount Tank Drive Engine Length Width Height
RS28GEC-GEN30 26 Tank Mount 30 Gallon Horizontal Kohler 44 24 44
RS28GED-GEN30 26 Tank Mount 30 Gallon Horizontal Kohler Diesel 48 36 48
Add -E after model number to make Elite Model. Unit does not come standard with fuel tank.
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Rotary Screw
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