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The Cube Air System

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The Simple Compressor Solution

The Cube Air System is designed to be the simplest to purchase, own, and operate compressor in the world. The Cube Air System allows you to purchase a functioning compressor without having to purchase an air receiver. If the site already has a certified functional air receiver you simply install the Cube Air System next to the existing tank and connect the air discharge line. If the there is no existing tank or the existing tank is no longer certified or functional you can add a stand-alone tank to the system. With the compact design of the Cube Air System and its stand-alone tank option you still take up roughly the same floor space as a standard tank mounted compressor package. This provides several great advantages to the owner/user of the Cube Air System.

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The Cube Air System Gives You Unmatched Flexibility

We were the very first to design and develop a system this flexible.

With a Cube Air System you no longer need to purchase an air receiver every time you need a new compressor. You simple connect the Cube Air System to your existing air receiver. This allows you to save on space and cost when you have to purchase a new compressor. The Cube Air System offers more choices, more flexibility, and more options. It's more of everything you need without the long-term expense.

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The Cube Air System gives you options.....

The Ultimate in flexibility and longevity.

The Cube Air Systems compressors can be combined in a variety of ways, and shipped with EZ install kits already installed (both rotary screw and reciprocating) from the compressor side. So that once the units are received on site all that needs to be done is the airline fitting connected to the facility's air lines, and the electric cord plug installed from the compressors electrical disconnect. This allows the units to be installed in under 15 minutes. Only the Cube Air System allows compressors to be installed this quickly.

....lots of options

Quiet. Dependable. Efficient.

The above center picture shows one of the many options that are available with the Cube Air System compressor packages. At Industrial Gold we can already have the refrigerated or desiccant air dryer installed with pre and post filters on the main air receiver. So that when the new system arrives all that need to be completed is the connection of the airlines and plug in the electrical cord if the unit(s) were ordered with the EZ install kit. All options are available for both the reciprocating and rotary screw Cube Air Systems.

Cube Air System Features

Simple. Innovative. Efficient.

Long Life

By not having the compressor package mounted to the air receiver you increase the life of the air receiver (Reciprocating)


Package has extremely low center of gravity to allow for an overall more stable compressor package in a smaller space

Easy Access

Allows for easier maintenance/service of the compressor package, all compressor package mounting locations are 24 inches or less off the ground


Cube Air System comes with self-tensioning belt system

Remote Mounting

Package has bolt on detachable control panel for easy service and remote mounting capabilities (Reciprocating)


Cube Air System’s frame makes it easier to move to installation location


Solid steel powder coated mounting frame make for a quieter operating compressor package

Easy on Easy off

The Cube Air System belt guard is easily removable to make servicing the compressor pulley/flywheel/belt quick and simple

More ssssh!

Allows for optional compressor package muffler


Due to the small footprint of the Cube Air Systems you are able to put several packages in a smaller space

RTL Feature

Option to multiplex Cube Air Systems to operate in unison or independently in a very small space

One or Many

The Cube Air System gives you the ability to purchase the compressor package with the 30-60-80-120 gallon tank or multiplex tank system for dry and wet air storage